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Best New York Tours

Ever wondered which place you could go to in order to get the best experience of tourism? The answer might be and is probably is the city that was so good it was named twice, New York, New York.


New York is by far the most iconic city in the world, it is synonymous to people throughout the globe and it happens to be one of the best tourist spots in the United States of America. Even though it is comprised of many islands which cover quite a lot of land, the experience it has to offer is off the charts. Here’s a little of what to expect and the best guidelines for the best experience.


Starting off with when you first arrive, you’re likely to be in JFK International Airport, one of three Airports in New York. From here on a taxi could be a swift ride to your lodging, but when in New York, the subway is your go-to ride to get to your desired locations much faster. With a purchase of a metro card available pretty much everywhere, your ride gets convenient.


New York has been a center of attraction for well over a century and to accommodate its tourists, it is the home to some of the most well-known lodgings in the world. Four Seasons Hotel, Park Hyatt and Plaza Hotel are some of the best New York has to offer, besides a few other affordable places such as Hampton Inn, Z NYC Hotel and Archer Hotel.

Affordable, but your luxury would certainly not be compromised. With a wide range of Hotels and Inns, your stay in NYC is guaranteed to be luxurious as well as eventful.


All set aside, when it comes to tourist attractions, New York has to offer you’re in luck. New York has such a magnitude of experience to offer you might need a second trip! To start off you would probably like to see the more well-known places like, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building or Central Park.


There are the more popular places like, Theatre Park, Times Square and Rockefeller Center. When in New York, one must get in tune with the rich history of New York which you could experience in places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern art and of course the American Museum of Natural History. With these set aside, you could take a trip to Coney Island, Chinatown or Little Italy to experience an entirely different vibe.


During your stay, you might want to know about the food New York has to offer and it has quite a few delicious cuisines of various ethnicity and culture. The trends in New York might and do change quite fast but one thing never changes, The New York Pizza, which has remained the same since the early 1960s. Besides, there are wide varieties of restaurants and chain outlets to infuse your taste buds along with its street food, which you can’t say no to.

While in New York if you feel like you might want to go shopping, then there are countless places to visit such as SoHo, Bloomingdale’s, Henri Bendel or the Westfield world trade Center.

There is so much to experience in the Big Apple just one trip won’t cut it. New York is hands down one of the best tourism experiences the world has to offer.


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New York City Food

New York City Food

Wonder Siam (792 9th Ave) –

If you are from Thailand and on a visit to the US and specifically in the New York City, then this place is for you. The special items that you can find in this restaurant are the noodle soup. Wonder is one of the best places to have the Thai food. I’m saying this based on my experience of having eaten the Thai food in the past. 


Masala Times (194 Bleecker St) –

When I was at the New York University campus, I noticed this one that was serving the Bombay-style street food, and this place is serving some of the really nice Indian meals. I could not seriously get enough of it and the plates are shareable, and you get the rice and the bread too. If you happen to visit the place, you must try the fish tikka. Divine.


Vanessa’s Dumpling (220 E 14th St) –

While stuck with the work on a long day, I stumbled upon this place in the East Village while walking home one day; it was only after that I found this restaurant. After I had tasted their dumplings, I felt bad for not recognizing this location as one of my food destinations. The foods were delicious and it was easy to see why. The pork dumplings were added the intense flavor to them at an affordable price. Highly recommendable.


SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant (64-13 39th Ave) —

This is another Thai restaurant in the New York City. With the experience of living in Thailand for a few months and have tasted their food, I have high standards in food priorities. If you have to choose only one place to eat, then I suggest you go for this place.


Prosperity Dumplings (46 Eldridge St) –

This location was located in the Chinatown and I can say that this one of the best places for dumpling. The pork dumplings you can find here are the best steamed and cooked. There is a park nearby where you can sit there take the food to eat aatthis location is tiny and full. What if you want to go back and get more food? Well, you can get 50 frozen dumplings for just $8, which I see as an affordable price.


John’s on Bleecker (278 Bleecker St) –

We haven’t spoken about Pizza so far in this article as I wanted to list the places to eat and drink in New York for their uniqueness and this is the place where you can find a fantastic tasting Pizza. I’m not a Pizza master, but like to be recognized as a Pizza lover. In that context, I qualify John’s as a really good place for Thin-style Pizza that is big enough to serve three.


Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave) –

Chelsea Market is a collection of an excellent food. This place is a multi cuisine restaurant and an extremely popular place to stumble up whenever you need to buy groceries along with a good meal or snacks. At this place, you can get delicious Thai food here and Amy’s Bread is one more amazing bread. Lobster Place is one more decent place to eat Sushi. More than sushi, I love their clam chowder. If you want to have a clean and organic meal, try their Green Table.


These are just my picks to eat in the selective choices from the places I have visited and tasted the cuisine. Let us know your choices to eat the New York City.

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Best Places to Eat in New York

The best thing about the New York City is that no body hates the city. It is exponentially loved by everyone because everyone got their own reasons. As a city that never sleeps, people have chosen many reasons which are why New York will always be a favorite tourist spot to visit. There are many amazing places to eat and drink in New York. Being a foodie is another reason why this city is loved by the most of the people.

Like where ever you go in the city, you name it. Be it Times Square, Central Park, and all the big-name celebrity chef restaurants or any such places to visit, there are places for the people to remember to eat and drink in the whole city. This article specifically is listed with the best and amazing places where you can eat and drink in New York.  


Hot Kitchen (104 2nd Ave & 251 E 53rd St) –

At Hot Kitchen, you can the fiery Szechuan food at an affordable price and the food is delicious. If you happen to go there, you should try out the trip. I honestly didn’t expect it to be divine. People who enjoy the spicy food, precisely Indians, you must visit this restaurant and have the food here because it is really spicy.


Yuba (105 E 9th St) –

This place has the best sushi in the city. The yummy sushi has placed this restaurant separately in the list of the best places to eat in the whole city. I’m a regular visitor to this place to have sushi and it is very often they give a cake for my birthday and remind me up when they have special offers for the customers as now they have found out a customer who loves their food so much. Also, do not miss the tuna or the uni.


Sao Mai (203 1st Ave) –

This is a place close to my apartment where I can get a delicious Vietnamese cuisine. The cuisine is so good that it rocks your world. The portions here in the place are so huge and all the foods available here are so authentic.


S’MAC (345 E 12th St) –

Cheesy goodness. I am telling this with the experience of tasting the foods here. A mac-and-cheese shop that takes the traditional dish can cook it even better in terms of taste. They have got a 4-Cheese and cheeseburger which I consider as the best they could make. 


Bare Burger (153 8th Ave) –

This is the home for the best gourmet burgers in the New York City. In the foods they prepare, all the ingredients used here are natural and organic and the number of toppings they put on the burger is just amazing. Apart from the burgers, they prepare delicious organic and healthy salads, sandwiches, and sides. All the non-veg foods like beef, chicken, bison, ostrich, elk or a veggie burger are available here.


Shake Shack (Madison Ave & E.23rd St) –

This is an institution in the New York City, where the multiple locations around the city, is a must visit a place with the tasty burgers, fries, and the milkshakes. There is an original location in the Madison Square Park where you usually can find a very long line. So, you gotta be prepared to wait in the queue, and hence I prefer this one.

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The Ultimate Places To Visit In New York:

The Ultimate Places To Visit In New York:


  1.  Times Square

Times Square is one of the first places that strikes our mind when we plan to visit New York. It is one of the major commercial intersection, a tourist destination and an entertainment center to the neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan section of New York City.


  1.  Metropolitan Museum of Art


The corridors of Metropolitan Museum of Art are so good that you feel like spending days together watching them. The museum is a collection of more than 2 million works of art that represents 5,000 years of history. The library is so huge that it at least takes a week to check everything in the museum. If you are planning to visit, schedule it a bit earlier.


  1.  Museum of Modern Art


Museum of Modern Art is a place for the Art enthusiasts and novices that are very often awestruck by the masterpieces in the location. This museum is honored by Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D Avignon and Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Apart from the Art work in the building, the construction of the building is another great place to watch. Built by a maze of glass walkways permits art viewing from various angles.


  1.  Empire State Building


Empire State Building, an absolute Art Deco monument is symbolic for the New York City and your plan is incomplete without visiting this location. The amazing view of the city from the 86th floor is spectacular to watch, but the views from 16 stories up on the 102nd-floor observatory are even more so—and yet, fewer visitors make it this far. Our main influence for this site comes from Roger who admits it is his favorite spot to catch a view.


  1.  Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge is considered as one of the noblest and most visited and recognized landmarks in the New York City. It is stretched over the East River which connects to the Manhattan and Brooklyn. This location is a perfect place for the people who prefer long walks and for the cyclists. It takes around 40 minutes to deliver some spectacular views at the location as you keep on traveling.


  1.  Central Park


Central Park is a combination of the exercise yard and an escape hatch. The location is a bliss for both residents and visitors. This highly busy area part of the Central Park is the southern section is where the visitors go for the first view in the city. Indeed, this is a great way to start the city with to roam the rest of the with a positive vibe. Central Park is always a hot spot for a picnic, to ponder or only to look at the beautiful greenery on a sunny day.


  1.  9/11 Memorial


This location is a memorial that is constructed in the memory of the people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack. The 30-foot waterfalls sit on the footprint is where the Twin Towers once stood. There are two pools and each is in the size of an acre and are said to be the largest waterfalls in the North America. At the edge of the pools are the names f the 2,983 people inscribed in the bronze panels who were killed in the terror attack at the World Trade Center site, in Flight 93’s crash in Pennsylvania, at the Pentagon.


  1.  Grand Central Terminal


You might have read about Grand Central Terminal that it is the largest and the nation’s busiest railway station with nearly 700,000 commuters and subway riders who use it daily. Well, if you are planning to visit New York, then this is not the only fact for which GCT is recognized. It is also one of the world’s most magnificent, majestic public spaces. This is a must visit place in the New York City. To embrace the beauty completely, avoid visiting during the rush hours, rather go in the free time to admire the location with peace.


Here are some more places that deserve to be on your bucket list: Coney Island, Statue of Liberty, Whitney Museum of Art, Broadway Shows.


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Best Places to Visit in New York

The capital of the world or The Capital or dreams or The City That Never Sleeps. You name it New York is always a destination for travelers. Keeping away the geographical facts and records the city has, I am going to start this article from the point of view of writers and thankfully, I have an amazing friend who is also an excellent writer. From the opinions I have received, New York happens to be the best place for writers. It is advisable for the aspiring writer to go to New York at least once. If you can’t go to New York, go to the place that can represent the city. This is because the standards of writing in New York are high and there are many like minded people to share your dreams, and it is a place where you can talk, and talk and talk about your interests. If you are planning to write a book, you have to start by talking about it, just like how most of the human projects are done.


One of the many reasons why there is so much of love for New York is because of the various locations that won’t  leave your attention from your eyes. The city has got many attractions, many amusements, sites, and landmarks that anyone can not ignore from visiting in their New York visit. In fact, there is one more name for New York that this is the shopping destination and is one of the best shopping destinations in the entire United States. You can find clothing shops, technology stores, amazing books, homewares, electronic goods and what not!


The Art lovers totally love the city for its countless museums (this article is listing a few of them) and galleries that are in most of the places of the city. With the fantastic food available for the visitors, and the events, a lot of attractions, the visitors are given more than enough reasons to stay in this amazing city.


This is a city that never sleeps. There are enough cultural events that keep on happening all the time that keeps the visitors busy, that includes the broad shows. Did we forget something? Of course, one can not leave the city without visiting the famous Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty.

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New York Culture

The spread of the American culture slowly engulfed the islands of the Bahamas. It seemed like the small town stores began to produce large-scale items, like the latest toy imported directly from Toys R Us manufacturers. This domination of larger cultures over smaller through media and cultural products plays part in cultural imperialism.

Jake, a former resident of the nearby Brooklyn borough, remembers the first time he saw a Hostess brand of food in the local market. He had never seen the wrapper with white writing before and was surprised by the texture of the filling. “I had never tasted something quite so…non-filling. Which is ironic.” Large commercial ships carrying the latest items, which were hardly ever seen on the island, became a frequent sight off of the land.

This assimilation of products and materialism became prominent in the main tourist areas where Jake grew up. In a song he wrote for class based on the new commercialization of the islands, I could tell how affected he was by the overwhelming changes from America. “We know they’re gonna take it, take it all away someday/Their point of view never saw what we had made that place/We built our home on a land bound to be swept away/Now we’ve left that place from a flash flood of legalities/Ten years we’ve spent in harmony/On an island without a care or much company/And now they’ve turned it upside down/We can’t imagine what it’d be like now/Like living underground with your head buried in the sand.” These lyrics give insight into the mind frame Jake was in while the major changes were happening around him. It also gives a piece of his own history once he moved to Florida for high school.

At the age of 15, Jake and his family relocated to South Florida for work. The push-pull theory indicates that “circumstances in the country of origin ‘push’ people out” due to “economic hardship, famine, war, or persecution”, while the “conditions of the country of destination ‘pull’ people toward particular locations” (107). In this case, the Gallagher family were pushed out of Andros and pulled into Florida because of economic conditions and the need for better education for the two children.

In Florida, Jake and Sasha had to transfer over their preconceived knowledge in the education system, while adjusting to the culture shock. As defined in Sorrells, culture shock is the “disorientation and discomfort sojourner experience from being in an unfamiliar environment”(108). Jake first witnessed a sense of culture shock when he attended a private high school for the first time for a tour of the campus. “I had never seen that many palm trees or that type of dress code.”

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Pet Owners

Letters have been sent to apps such as Rover that enable dog sitters and dog owners to connect and do business notifying them that their users are committing a crime if they operate without licenses, and to desist from continuing their operations. Rover has fired back, insisting that enforcement of this law is both archaic and preventing dog sitters from making ends meet. Proponents of the law report that the law is also enforced to prevent animals from suffering from neglect. However, some pet owners accept this risk. With apps that foster connections in hopes of finding dog sitters becoming so popular and naturally pairing up with many forms of communication, it can be easy to screen people before entrusting them with your pets. Not only do many dog sitters enable potential clients to have a tour of their house and their methods, but given the common use of smartphones, it is not unheard of or particularly difficult to get updates on the status of your pet if you still have worried.

In the end, it seems as though this law is on its way out. Indeed, its continued existence in the first place may have owed to its irrelevance when it was unenforced. Now that New Yorkers are so concerned about their livelihoods and pets, it is likely that a formal review of the law will take place. Given that it is now easier to babysit a human than it is to care for someone else’s dog, it would not be surprising to see the law struck down, or even ignored as many dog sitters risk a fine than give up their passion and job.

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Ride Sharing

For one, licensed dog kennels are losing business, in much the same way that ride sharing apps such as Uber have significantly hurt the taxi business. This is not just a concern for those businesses, however. Less business for kennels could result in lack of capital to continue to operate, thereby denying those who wish for a more official system of pet care the option to have their pet taken care of by a kennel (or at least limiting the number of kennels in New York City that they have to choose from). The probable downsizing of business for kennels also is likely to result in less tax income for New York City, which could have negative consequences for the city’s planned infrastructure improvements as well as its budget in general. Lastly, apps that help unlicensed dog sitters hurt business for licensed kennels, and these kennels are understandably against that purely for the loss of profit in addition to everything else.

Some have pointed out health concerns about unlicensed kennels, given the large increase in a number of dog sitters in New York City and the likely increase in a number of dogs in one building. Public concerns such as health and sanitation, and concern for the amount of noise that a local dog sitter could have bothering their neighbors is a valid concern, but that doesn’t explain why those who care for their own pet legally cannot do the same for others. In short, if it is legal for a New York City resident to own and care for a pet, why is it illegal to essentially temporarily own another dog?

The recently enforced law is raising numerous other questions on the logic of its enforcement. For instance, it is perfectly legal to be paid to care for someone else’s pet in their home. While some would say that this is preferable to dog sitting in one’s own home, it raises a host of issues. If someone on vacation is uncomfortable with giving a stranger access to their house, then they must either cancel their vacation or potentially travel far out of their way to a licensed kennel, likely spending far more money. It is also much less likely to get a New Yorker in trouble if they are pet sitting for their friends or family for free. The main issue seems to be that people are getting paid for these services, not that the services of dog sitting and dog walking from the same residence are causing problems themselves.

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Pet Sitting

New York City is currently abuzz with conflict over the news that paid pet sitting is technically illegal. While it is a common occurrence for many New Yorkers who are busy during the day or traveling to hire someone to house and care for their pets, the New York City police department has started to step up their enforcement of a long-forgotten rule that bars those without a kennel license to house and care for animals. The problem for many entrepreneurs and part time pet sitters is that these licenses are not granted to private residences, making pet sitting in your own home impossible to do legally.  

Many people in New York use dog sitting as a way to make money in between jobs or even in between shifts, while others have even made their entire income by dog sitting for those who are in need of kennel services. Understandably, these people are upset that not only have their livelihoods been impacted, but they cannot perform a useful service that they genuinely enjoyed. Outrage has been sparked by the enforcement of this law means that even people who specialize in dog walking and other pet related services are impacted, if they lack access to their clients’ home to house the animals.

The enforcement of this law in New York City has only recently gotten stricter, following an uptick in dog sitting activity after a spike in popularity of websites and apps specializing in connecting those who need their dog’s taken care of with those who are available to do so. These apps have enabled many people to make a full living off of dog sitting alone, and encouraged others to get into the business. The resulting hike in the number of people dog sitting has been a cause of concern to some, for multiple reasons.

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New York Pizza!

Pizza in New York is famous around the world and I know first hand why – it is delicious! There is just something about a Brooklyn Style pie that gets me going and has made me fall in love over and over. Now, I have never had the luxury of living in the City or in New York for that matter, but I have been lucky enough to visit time and time again. The very FIRST thing I do after arriving at JFK Airport is head straight for a local Pizza joint!

I personally do not even have a favorite pizza place, I love them ALL in New York. So I continually try to go around to different pizza places and try them all. Sometimes if you head on in and ask the for their “specialty” slices you will be blown away by what they come up with. Not to mention how damn good it tastes!

Do not worry, Pizza will NOT be the only New York thing we will be blogging about here. But we plan on keeping it fun and interesting tso follow us on our journey blogging about New York New York!

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