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New York City Food

New York City Food

Wonder Siam (792 9th Ave) –

If you are from Thailand and on a visit to the US and specifically in the New York City, then this place is for you. The special items that you can find in this restaurant are the noodle soup. Wonder is one of the best places to have the Thai food. I’m saying this based on my experience of having eaten the Thai food in the past. 


Masala Times (194 Bleecker St) –

When I was at the New York University campus, I noticed this one that was serving the Bombay-style street food, and this place is serving some of the really nice Indian meals. I could not seriously get enough of it and the plates are shareable, and you get the rice and the bread too. If you happen to visit the place, you must try the fish tikka. Divine.


Vanessa’s Dumpling (220 E 14th St) –

While stuck with the work on a long day, I stumbled upon this place in the East Village while walking home one day; it was only after that I found this restaurant. After I had tasted their dumplings, I felt bad for not recognizing this location as one of my food destinations. The foods were delicious and it was easy to see why. The pork dumplings were added the intense flavor to them at an affordable price. Highly recommendable.


SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant (64-13 39th Ave) —

This is another Thai restaurant in the New York City. With the experience of living in Thailand for a few months and have tasted their food, I have high standards in food priorities. If you have to choose only one place to eat, then I suggest you go for this place.


Prosperity Dumplings (46 Eldridge St) –

This location was located in the Chinatown and I can say that this one of the best places for dumpling. The pork dumplings you can find here are the best steamed and cooked. There is a park nearby where you can sit there take the food to eat aatthis location is tiny and full. What if you want to go back and get more food? Well, you can get 50 frozen dumplings for just $8, which I see as an affordable price.


John’s on Bleecker (278 Bleecker St) –

We haven’t spoken about Pizza so far in this article as I wanted to list the places to eat and drink in New York for their uniqueness and this is the place where you can find a fantastic tasting Pizza. I’m not a Pizza master, but like to be recognized as a Pizza lover. In that context, I qualify John’s as a really good place for Thin-style Pizza that is big enough to serve three.


Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave) –

Chelsea Market is a collection of an excellent food. This place is a multi cuisine restaurant and an extremely popular place to stumble up whenever you need to buy groceries along with a good meal or snacks. At this place, you can get delicious Thai food here and Amy’s Bread is one more amazing bread. Lobster Place is one more decent place to eat Sushi. More than sushi, I love their clam chowder. If you want to have a clean and organic meal, try their Green Table.


These are just my picks to eat in the selective choices from the places I have visited and tasted the cuisine. Let us know your choices to eat the New York City.

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