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Best Places to Eat in New York

The best thing about the New York City is that no body hates the city. It is exponentially loved by everyone because everyone got their own reasons. As a city that never sleeps, people have chosen many reasons which are why New York will always be a favorite tourist spot to visit. There are many amazing places to eat and drink in New York. Being a foodie is another reason why this city is loved by the most of the people.

Like where ever you go in the city, you name it. Be it Times Square, Central Park, and all the big-name celebrity chef restaurants or any such places to visit, there are places for the people to remember to eat and drink in the whole city. This article specifically is listed with the best and amazing places where you can eat and drink in New York.  


Hot Kitchen (104 2nd Ave & 251 E 53rd St) –

At Hot Kitchen, you can the fiery Szechuan food at an affordable price and the food is delicious. If you happen to go there, you should try out the trip. I honestly didn’t expect it to be divine. People who enjoy the spicy food, precisely Indians, you must visit this restaurant and have the food here because it is really spicy.


Yuba (105 E 9th St) –

This place has the best sushi in the city. The yummy sushi has placed this restaurant separately in the list of the best places to eat in the whole city. I’m a regular visitor to this place to have sushi and it is very often they give a cake for my birthday and remind me up when they have special offers for the customers as now they have found out a customer who loves their food so much. Also, do not miss the tuna or the uni.


Sao Mai (203 1st Ave) –

This is a place close to my apartment where I can get a delicious Vietnamese cuisine. The cuisine is so good that it rocks your world. The portions here in the place are so huge and all the foods available here are so authentic.


S’MAC (345 E 12th St) –

Cheesy goodness. I am telling this with the experience of tasting the foods here. A mac-and-cheese shop that takes the traditional dish can cook it even better in terms of taste. They have got a 4-Cheese and cheeseburger which I consider as the best they could make. 


Bare Burger (153 8th Ave) –

This is the home for the best gourmet burgers in the New York City. In the foods they prepare, all the ingredients used here are natural and organic and the number of toppings they put on the burger is just amazing. Apart from the burgers, they prepare delicious organic and healthy salads, sandwiches, and sides. All the non-veg foods like beef, chicken, bison, ostrich, elk or a veggie burger are available here.


Shake Shack (Madison Ave & E.23rd St) –

This is an institution in the New York City, where the multiple locations around the city, is a must visit a place with the tasty burgers, fries, and the milkshakes. There is an original location in the Madison Square Park where you usually can find a very long line. So, you gotta be prepared to wait in the queue, and hence I prefer this one.

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