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Pet Sitting

New York City is currently abuzz with conflict over the news that paid pet sitting is technically illegal. While it is a common occurrence for many New Yorkers who are busy during the day or traveling to hire someone to house and care for their pets, the New York City police department has started to step up their enforcement of a long-forgotten rule that bars those without a kennel license to house and care for animals. The problem for many entrepreneurs and part time pet sitters is that these licenses are not granted to private residences, making pet sitting in your own home impossible to do legally.  

Many people in New York use dog sitting as a way to make money in between jobs or even in between shifts, while others have even made their entire income by dog sitting for those who are in need of kennel services. Understandably, these people are upset that not only have their livelihoods been impacted, but they cannot perform a useful service that they genuinely enjoyed. Outrage has been sparked by the enforcement of this law means that even people who specialize in dog walking and other pet related services are impacted, if they lack access to their clients’ home to house the animals.

The enforcement of this law in New York City has only recently gotten stricter, following an uptick in dog sitting activity after a spike in popularity of websites and apps specializing in connecting those who need their dog’s taken care of with those who are available to do so. These apps have enabled many people to make a full living off of dog sitting alone, and encouraged others to get into the business. The resulting hike in the number of people dog sitting has been a cause of concern to some, for multiple reasons.

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