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With high hopes that the New York City mayor will reconsider his position against paying for improvements to the subway, the governor has proposed splitting the cost of the improvements between the state and the city. Many proponents of the subway improvement plan hope for this, but there is still a significant chance that the mayor will reject the plan. Of note are allegations that the state has seized a sizeable amount of money from the authority in charge of repairing and maintaining the subway; this is the crux of the mayor’s argument against paying for the improvements. In his eyes, the money necessary has already been seized by the state.

Repeated criticism of the growing transport crisis in New York related to the subway system is likely putting a significant amount of pressure on the mayor to relent and agree to pay a portion of the cost of the improvement program. Whether or not the allegations of the state already has seized the money are unfounded, it may soon become irrelevant. If action is not taken to improve the situation relatively soon, then the crisis may grow to the point where the mayor no longer has any position to argue against paying for the improvement. From a purely political statement, the governor has his work cut out for him with influencing the mayor and his people to support a local payment for the subway improvements as opposed to a state sponsored solution.

From all appearances, the subway improvement plan will go through. Over a period of years, the subway system is hoped to undergo a complete revamp, from adding cars to an increasing room to improving the digital aspect of the system. With the proposed dashboard, passengers can more closely and accurately monitor the status of their train. With better signals, operators can more safely and efficiently conduct their trains. And with a complete subway system, transit as a whole in New York should thankfully improve.

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