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New York Pizza!

Pizza in New York is famous around the world and I know first hand why – it is delicious! There is just something about a Brooklyn Style pie that gets me going and has made me fall in love over and over. Now, I have never had the luxury of living in the City or in New York for that matter, but I have been lucky enough to visit time and time again. The very FIRST thing I do after arriving at JFK Airport is head straight for a local Pizza joint!

I personally do not even have a favorite pizza place, I love them ALL in New York. So I continually try to go around to different pizza places and try them all. Sometimes if you head on in and ask the for their “specialty” slices you will be blown away by what they come up with. Not to mention how damn good it tastes!

Do not worry, Pizza will NOT be the only New York thing we will be blogging about here. But we plan on keeping it fun and interesting tso follow us on our journey blogging about New York New York!

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